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Cáustico / 2023

Caustic / 2023

Shortfilm - suspense / horror. 22 min

Mother and daughter discover a miraculous cure for their illness,

but the price to pay involves sinister human sacrifices...

Written and directed by Wesley Gondim.

With: Ana Luiza Rios / Bianca Terraza / Sérgio Sartório / Wellington Abreu

Cinematography by Joanna Ramos.
Production design by Carmen San Thiago.
Editing Daniel Bandeira.
Production Roman Filmes / Avocado Filmes.
Language: Portuguese.


Best Art Direction Award - National Competition - 56th Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema - 2023


Best Short Film Official Jury, Best Director, Best Short Film Popular Jury and Honorable Mention Screenplay - 8th Rio Fantastik Festival – Rio de Janeiro International Fantastic Film Festival - 2023


56º Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro - 2023
8º Rio Fantastik Festival – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico do Rio de Janeiro - 2023
12º Feratum Fest - Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico - México - 2023
8º Nightmares Film Festival - Columbus, Ohio - Estados Unidos - 2023
16º Fixion Fest - Chile - 2024


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